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can you believe in a person that says "fagware" and his username is "suckmyname"

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MiPony is a good application and it works fairly good with alot of servers!

why is it labeled as "suspicious"? only becuase guys like "suckmyname" cant read and decidec to "quick install" MiPony?

if you are going to download MiPony, you can choose "Advanced" installation, uncheck:

  1. Install search gol toolbar
  2. make search gol my default search engine
  3. make search gol my default homepage and new tab

click next.

and the next things that appear just click "decline" until it installs MiPony.

is that so hard to do? again, why is it labeled as "suspicious" if you can avoid it just like everything in the world.

do you label every application that comes with "bundle" stuff like chrome or google toobar which are crap, suspicious? im sure you dont! its the same, if the user choose advanced installation they can avoid all the stuff MiPony comes bundled with.

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why is it labeled as "suspicious"? only becuase guys like "suckmyname" cant read and decidec to "quick install" MiPony?

As you can read in the warning message, Mipony website was hacked! And now Mipony installer installs a lot of malicious software.

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I have used MiPony for many years and have no complaints with it.
The installer has become clearer with the partnerware on offer and it is easy to avoid installing extras.

This download manager helps you to avoid all the tracking and advertising on those awful upload services. For that alone I am eternally grateful.
It is very handy for quick download of regular web site links, as it will open faster than the average modern browser.

Recent updates have added support for downloading torrents and Youtube videos, making it an even more indispensable tool.

The developers are easy to contact and welcome suggestions for improvements.


I used Jdownloader, then I found Mipony

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I've been using Jdownloader for years, and I just found out about Mipony, and I loved it instantly. They had scheduling and remote feature. FYI, just uninstalled my previous downloader.


Great download manager. The Best Free one

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Installer will ask you to install other trial software - yes. But just press decline button 2 times and that's it. Application itself are clean, easy to use and work perfect with nearly all file hosts. Both, - free and premium file hosts accounts download performance are just fine.


It works perfectly even up to today. Only real alternative to JDownloader.

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At least up to today I do not know another downloader like JDownloader. I have used this one like 2-3 times ever and that only when sometimes JDowloader will give an error with a download site, usually from non updated plugin. This one worked all three times like a charm with no problem. Downloaded fast and and with no problems.

It has been reported this has malware. Newsflash; All free installers nowadays have them. JDownloader too has them and if you are not careful, you are going to end up installing an adware in your pc. Seems though this one has the kind that is less accepted and more intrusive. For better or worse I have Malwarebytes Antimalware Premium and like always not even the options appear while I install the software. I had though to turn off totally off my Comodo and it's modules and even allow Malwarebytes to allow the program to run. Still I have seen this in the past with quite a lot of installers, so I know it just has adware that are more intrusive after they get installed.

But I can say this, thanks to Malwarebytes. It has no hidden installs. I know Malwarebuytes will report any stealth installs like that and it has saved me from many bad installers that even if I close them halfway before the install, they will try to inject stuff in my PC stealthily.

Mipony is a great alternative to JDownloader, so when installing just be careful what you choose.



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It supports SSL links!


Another jdownloader convert

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I love this. Better than jdownloader in many respects. Wish I'd discovered it years ago.



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There is only one Mipony "installer.exe" on their site.
That installer tries to add a fuckload of crap on your computer, from browser toolbars to registry cleaners. And this happens long before you get to actually install Mipony itself. So, if you decide to cancel installation, you can still enjoy being spied, spammed, and otherwise abused by all the vomit that comes bundled with it.

Oh and, they never mention anywhere that the great Mipony is requiring dot fuckin net.
When I see Java or .Net, I know i'm dealing with idiots.

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