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Minehut has as of late had frequent data breaches, and today was the limit. All servers were deleted, and all of my, and everyone else's work were destroyed. Please, PLEASE find an alternative. If you're planning on using it new, then cool! Just know that I've been using it for a while, and all of my data was just deleted. Please, PLEASE LOOK ELSEWHERE. Normally, Minehut would be perfect. However, It has gone down two times in 2019. One with a major reset, and one... with the deletion of everyone's passion, motivation, and hard work. I... want to swear. Two stars. Two star movies will still get views, and yet, there may be so, SO many things wrong. It was perfect while it lasted. Normally, it would be the greatest free server host ever. However... they need to tighten their security, I'll say that much. If you try to contact me about this, please know that I only am using this account to post this comment. I will not respond to anything. You will have to go there yourself, and see if their situation updated. Take it from me, if they get better in a couple years, good for them! However, if they go bankrupt, then... sigh