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It's a XMind "upgrade"

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It has almost the same XMind interface but it let you position every first child from main topic wherever you want.


  • It's free (basic account covers everything you could do with XMind, even some more)
  • easy colouring
  • it let you change every child (subtopic) independently from his parent
  • export to pdf, image, docx, zip, excel, and many more...
  • copy format/style and easy paste to childs


  • It doesn't let you position child items (subtopic) wherever you want (Big con! :/ )

Here's a major CON: "As a free user, you are limited to adding up to 40 topics to any of your maps."

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Very sleek application, with intuitive and not-over-the-top interface. Allows you to focus on your work. I recommend it.