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How are these alternatives?

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I'm questioning the right for these applications being listed as "Alternative to MidpSSH". They are SSH-clients for sure, but no more they can than MidpSSH can be suggested as alternative to any of them. In general.

There is specific case when the alternative is searched for another OS for application you used on different OS. But generally when one is looking for alternative, it should be alternative for the major points the software offers. In case of MidpSSH it being an SSH-client is secondary - primary is that it's for dumbphones (how I hate that word, my Nokia C2 could wipe floor with most features compared to my first PC - it's a computer) supporting J2ME (Java Midlett) applications, and one looking for alternative to midpssh is likely not looking for desktop nor even android "smart"phone SSH-clients.

What I expected to see was J2ME SSH-clients for those mobile-phone computers considered "dumb" now - why would I look for MidpSSH "alternatives" for totally different platforms? If one knows MidpSSH I would be ready to bet my netbook that he knew to search for "SSH clients for J2ME" and has used from 1 to (n+1)^10 clients on personal computers also. Anyone looking for MidpSSH alternative is either looking for other J2ME SSH clients or he has specifically used search terms like "MidpSSH alternative for (android|iphone|windows phone)".

Just some friendly constructive criticism.