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Nailed it!

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theres this game i play: True Combat Elite
and i like the song that plays in the menu.
searched for hours for the name of the song.

i was able to unpack all of the game files using 7zip.
then search those unpacked files for Music files, sort them by size, play them in order till i found the right one.

it was just a 30 second clip, meant to loop.

played it on my speakers, plugged in a microphone. used Midomi.com (alternative to Shazam) and got it on the first try.



Nice gumshoeing. Seems like game credits should be designed to make that kind of thing easier.

I just spent a bit downloading music by the artists who made the tunes featured in the visual novel Digital: A Love Story. That was pretty easy, though, since the game-maker Christine Love had a credits.txt in the game files.

The best option for music recognition.

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In my opinion, Midomi was the best option for music recognition.