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When compared to alternatives such as Google Drive and Dropbox, OneDrive is terrible. Issues I have include files not syncing, opening files as read-only after clicking to open an editable copy, and finding newer versions of a synced file on the server.

The best thing about OneDrive other than lots of people using it already is that it can sync SharePoint sites, making it good for businesses in this one regard.

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OneDrive and Dropbox are by far the best.

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  • Preinstalled on Windows 8 or later
  • Currently i am using this because i have 1TB Free Storage in onedrive for business
  • OneDrive Files On-Demand helps you access all your files in OneDrive without having to download all of them and use storage space on your device. (Odrive Feature like)
  • Microsoft states in their?Terms of Service: “You must sign into your inbox and your OneDrive (separately) at least once in a one-year period, otherwise we will close your inbox and your OneDrive for you.”
  • Dashboard are very slow and timed out when too much operation such as 200 batch delete files or move, etc
  • Recycle Bin Restoration are very bad, it won't restore file with same folder name !

NOTICE: Microsoft OneDrive storage changes

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LINK: Article from Microsoft regarding changes

Some paragraphs from webpage.
The storage limit for all free OneDrive accounts will become 5 GB. If you currently have a free account with a 15 GB storage limit, that limit will reduce to 5 GB. All new free accounts will have 5 GB storage. The 15 GB camera roll storage bonus will also be discontinued for free accounts.

If you have a free OneDrive plan and will be over your storage quota as a result of these changes:

  • If you are a free user and have over 5 GB of content in your OneDrive, you will receive an email with an offer to claim a free 1-year subscription to Office 365 Personal*, which includes 1 TB of storage.
  • If you do not claim this offer, you will need to purchase additional storage or remove some of your files. Otherwise, 90 days after you receive your first notice, your account will become read-only.
  • If you are over quota after the 90 days, you will still have access to your files for 9 months. You can view and download them. However, you will not be able to add new content.
  • If after 9 months you are still over quota, your account will be locked. That means that you will not be able to access the content in your OneDrive until you take action.
  • If after 6 more months you fail to take action, your content may be deleted.

Doesn't work as advertised

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They say you can access all your docs from anywhere, you can't. I save something to onedrive on my desktop and 90% of the time it doesn't show up in onedrive on my tablet. Which makes it pretty useless.


WorkAround: OneDrive for Vista-Administrators (UAC off)

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It is crazy, that OneDrive cannot be run with Administrator-Accounts on Windows Vista, if the UAC is disabled and the registry has the standard parameter-set.

Details to this disappointing fact see:

  1. Why wont SkyDrive run with Administrator Accounts on Windows Vista?
  2. German: Bei der Installation von SkyDrive unter Windows Vista erscheint eine Fehlermeldung
  • Why on earth can't skydrive run with Administrator access enabled? Everything else NEEDS administrator access!
  • Bei der Installation von SkyDrive unter Windows Vista erscheint die Fehlermeldung: "OneDrive kann nicht mit vollständigen Administratorrechten ausgeführt werden. Starten Sie OneDrive ohne Administratorrechte neu."

Error message, when starting OneDrive with UAC disabled

Workaround-SOLUTION against the OneDrive-Vista-UAC-Bug:

  • Initially the UAC must be activated !
  • Go to regedit (Windows-Start-Button -> Regedit)
  • HKLM/Software/Microsoft/windows/currentversion/policies/system and disable (put it to 0): ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin (normally 1)

Now you are able to use OneDrive as an Vista-Administrator with disabled UAC.

Additional information about the behaviour of the value ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin

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What's crazy is still using Vista!

SkyDrive vs. Dropbox on Windows 7 and 8

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I recently recorded my syncing sessions to demonstrate the latest SkyDrive and Dropbox clients. The Windows 7 video was done at work within a Wi-Fi corporate network (behind proxy); the Windows 8 video was done at home within a typical Wi-Fi home network (no proxy). Both the SkyDrive and Dropbox folders were identical and up-to-date (idle) before I copied the GIMP folder into each. Instead of taking this at face value, I suggest you do your own comparison because YMMV. Here are the videos:

Note that the videos strictly compare syncing performance. To decide for yourself you will also have to take into account the features that are unique to each client: mainly LAN sync for Dropbox and online document editing, remote PC access, and more free storage for SkyDrive.

BOTTOM LINE: Dropbox is A LOT faster, although it's a memory hog and uses a little more CPU time on average. SkyDrive seems to just casually upload a few files at a time and ends up taking forever, even with the performance option enabled.

After performing these comparison tests, I have come to the following conclusion: SkyDrive isn't meant to be as fast as Dropbox -- it's slow by design. I think Microsoft built SkyDrive to sit back and kind of "trickle sync" with the goal of minimizing CPU and memory usage. If this was indeed their goal, then they succeeded because with SkyDrive running you'll hardly notice it's working in the background, whereas sometimes Dropbox drives up the CPU to the point where you hear the fan start to spin up.

More information about the test setup is provided in the description for each video.


Thank you for doing the comparison, I had already mostly decided to dismiss Skydrive as an option due to the free + paid storage offerings(will be needing 500+gb before the new year), and after seeing the speeds I'm quite sure now. Dropbox always was swift, but their space/price ratios are also just too far behind what others are offering for the extra speed to offset in most cases. Although compared to gooDrive and evidently M$ Skydive(based upon your vids), the case is indeed a sports car vs buggy race. Also, with equal speeds, it seems that Google's recent free storage bump, and paid price cut, puts Skydrive in the severely outmatched category for the moment.

Dropbox servers basically only act as proxies/buffers until the content can be offloaded to an Amazon S3 server, this gives them the mentioned speed, but I can't see them ever being remotely competitive on the $/GB front so long as they are renting the space. DB is thus great for fast sharing of files, storing frequently updated current projects, or as an email proxy for +10mb files, but without frequent file shuffles, or a high priced plan, it becomes an overstuffed pain very soon. While Google Drive falls on the opposite end of the spectrum, with 15gb free & 100gb currently $5/mo, it can be used to keep a fair amount of old projects synced across multiple computers as long as there is no rush.

Another option, unless you need DB/Skydrive/gDrive for conformity/work reasons, is you might try the same test between DropBox and Copy and see what you think. I don't have any vids, but their sync app pretty much maxed out my line on both down sync at 2.5mB/s and up sync at 120kB/s with two 50mb zip files. While I do use Gimp portable, I was unable to reproduce your test for myself as Copy uses file hash matches as a method to speed/bypass uploads, so the gimp folder upload took less than two minutes from the time I hit paste till it was synced and available online(tried again with 1gb of apps selected, but only 144mb of that had to upload, they are just too common of files). DB did spike quickly to +100kB/s and stay there, but there is simply no way to compete with matching a hash to a server cached copy to complete an upload.

Thanks to you, Skydrive will not even be considered, so while I'll always have gDrive(using Gmail) and I'm still double checking all my options, it does seems that Copy is my top current top pick. It seems a viable replacement for Dropbox's speed, and the $/Gb of their paid accounts currently beats even Google(except no $5 plan). And for a few months at least, I can get by on their free storage option since if you sign up from a referral link ( ) you get 20gb free & with a tweet about copy you another 2gb of free & a referral of your own gaining you 5gb more(I don't tweet so I have 25 now). If you give them a test run, I'd be interested to see one of your comparison vids posted; please and thank you.

It works. It provides a lot for free. Can't believe it's a MS service. :)

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For a project, I recently compared what service brings you the most free space between Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive.

Ease of use was also a criterion.

Results : I've been a long time user of Dropbox, and I love the way it just works without clutter. But in its basic free form, you get only 2 Gb. Google Drive : Gb, and at bit messy imho, with its weird interactions with Google Docs and the rest of the Google nebula. Microsoft Skydrive : 7Gb for free ! Moreover, a nice automatic inteface for uploaded photos, easy way to share.

(I used to hate Microsoft and love Google. But for some years, Google seems to be the one that makes cluttered, buggy and fenced apps. This is another example.)


had 25gb now they seem have shortened it to 7 :(

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nonetheless, integration (on win7 and win8) is very good. Fast Upload and file-conflict detection/naming policy. Use with truecrypt containers for maximum security.


Actually if you had 25gb you could have kept it, there was a certain time-frame where you could have refused the 7gb downgrade and still had your 25gb. I'm a not so proud member of Hotmail since 2006, and when they started giving 7gb, I just opted out and clicked appropriate link in SkyDrive not to downgrade.

Give this a read: but its to late now -_-

How is this comment a Positive Comment? I think you should change it to Negative Comment.


I believe the original person still see's the product as whole as a positive experience, since he/she did state that he/she is happy with WIN7/8 integration of SkyDrive (OneDrive) and aldo unfortunate 7GB is still not that bad considering people have been fine with 2GB of box for years. I'm personally am just fine with 30GB Copy I have, problem with more storage is the Sync issue.

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Windows Live SkyDrive works well with Windows and is a great file upload service. You can't really edit much which is annoying but okay, whatever. It has a pretty good amount of space. It should have more universal compatibility because (quite honestly) it is a big advertisement to Windows. So... all in all this is good but until they can provide universal compatibility so I can sync to my Ubuntu to my Windows 7, it's not perfect.

Overall : 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.


With new update, SkyDrive is the _BEST_

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Syncs across ALL devices. FAST. 300MB uploads. Send shortened links to your files. Web interface works great with other browsers.

The standard has been set!


interweb batch uploading sanity MIA

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EVERY third party application to (batch) upload to skydrive is an abomination of code/design.

The interweb interface to SkyDrive is so 1995 it hurts


Comparison "Windows Live Sync vs. Live Mesh vs. SkyDrive

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my best cloud drive !

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maximum upload speed. GoogleDrive - worse. Mega - much worse.
no bugs with PC apps, like GoogleDrive locking file sync, so you cannot update or delete file while this operation.

so OneDrive - BEST

love love microsoft

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