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Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard Reviews

not too bad considering it's Micros**t... but still pretty bad

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It'll at least do its job, holding keys exactly as long as you hold down the mouse button, and when it works right it really works well. It even holds down modifier keys for you besides shift, e.g. ALT and WIN. For a Micros**t application,, it works pretty well... just as long as the active/target window isn't locking up the CPU, something Java seems to do habitually. it also likes to activate whatever window was active the last time you minimized it, which is something of a bug in detecting what was active prior. A fairly straightforward AutoHotkey script may be able to micromanage your window activity to correct this, but I have yet to find or write one. Next, at least as of upgrading my system to Windows 10, text prediction no longer seems to learn new words.

Lastly, and I cannot stress this enough, this piece of software was developed by Microsoft, the same company that managed to bluescreen a computer when demonstrating a new feature (granted it was almost 2 decades and several operating systems ago), the same company that (not so long ago) developed Windows 8, and the same company bound to make many many more failures for the world of technology to facepalm, headdesk, grumble and groan about. As such, there's a good possibility that the application will, after some ill-fated update, render your entire system inoperable... so try it out for a while, but if you find something else that works as well, use that instead