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Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Reviews

Why I prefer DropBox to Sharepoint Workspace (SPWS)

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In these points DropBox is better for the purpose of folder-synchronisation:

  • Limits of the up- and download-Rate are configurable,
    SPWS has no limitations and slows down the computer .

  • Dropbox allows a HTTP-proxy-definition, so it is able to sync over a company-network-proxy.
    SPWS has no dialog for a HTTP-proxy-definition, so you cannot sync sync over a
    company-network-proxy. You can sync only over another internet-connection without a proxy,
    e.g. an UMTS-connection. But in this case you loose the access to the company-network-folders.

  • The configuration of DropBox is clearly structured and in spite of traffic-limitation and proxy-setting
    much easier, the setting of SPWS is confusing and distributed over too many windows and
    separated apps. It is not easy to bring 2 folders to sync with SPWS.
    Much easier to define folders to sync it is with SpiderOak or SugarSync
    (both also cannot sync over a HTTP-proxy-company-network)

In these points DropBox or TeamDrive is better for the purpose of folder-synchronisation:

  • In sharepoint it is not allowed to sync folders on USB-Harddisks or USB-memory-sticks, in DropBox and Teamdrive this is no problem.

  • DropBox and TeamDrive are portable and need no admin rights
    In these points Sharepoint Workspace (SPWS) is better for the purpose of folder-synchronisation:

  • Similar to SpiderOak or SugarSync you can select each folder separated (max. 2GB) from
    C:\Users\MyUser for synchronisation.
    In DropBox you have only one folder and subfolders, but with Dropboxifier or SymLinker or similar symbolic-links-tools you also can freely select each folder for the synchronisation with DropBox

  • Sharepoint Workspace (SPWS) is an admitted and an on each computer installed standard software
    in many companies.