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Click-to-Run! Avoid!

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Installing desktop applications from an Office 365 subscription is performed through a Microsoft Click-To-Run installer. For those of you who are not yet aware of this despiccable, nightmarish abomination of a software turd, what it basically boils down to is that it will install the software the way it wants to, and doesn't give you the choice in anything. Your computer system is no longer yours once you use an application based on Click-To-Run.

You can't choose which applications to install, it will always deploy the full suite of applications – currently about 2.5 GB. If you're installing a 64-bit system, happy days! You'll also get the 32-bit versions installed alongside, no questions asked. There is actually a way to circumvent at least the former, but it's convoluted, and you frankly shouldn't have to be the one to bother with fixing what Microsoft broke. But the cherry on top of this pile of rubbish: there is absolutely no way of changing the destination drive or directory that Office gets installed to. No need to clean out your ears, you heard right: this is 2016, and one of the biggest software developers in the world publishes one of their most popular applications with an installer that does not include an option to change the target installation path! I honestly felt like I was catapulted back to 1981, and that I was installing this office suite on a PC running IBM PC-DOS 1.00. That version didn't support subdirectories yet, which from today's perspective seems about as ridiculous as not offering a freaking way for me to choose where an application is installed.

If you can't, or don't want to, install applications on your system partition, tough luck, no Office for you. For anyone else, too, while it's a pretty banal issue on the surface, this is probably one of the biggest incentives to go out and try an alternative Office suite. Hint: LibreOffice asks you where it wants you to install it during setup. Imagine that! I guess we're living in the future!


Office365 installs on C drive, because it improves the performance due to the low latency in accessing to certain system files. yeah Office products always rely on system files, like libraries installed in system drive.

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Might be interesting solution for USA. But in developing countries it cost who a fortune. Completely inaccessible for personal, small and medium business.