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Asks for My Password Repeatedly

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Whenever I try to open Excel, it always asks for my Office 365 school or work password no matter how many times I have entered it before. I contacted Microsoft support, but they transferred me twice, and then said technical support would cost $149. I contacted my university support, and they said to re-download Office, so I'm trying that now.



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It's a great program, I use it a lot for money. I recently became Office certified. Excel looks like just a grid, but it is VERY complex, endless amounts of formulas. Being certafied will make you a lot of money. Very helpful unless you're doing it in school, then it's just hell


Excel 2016 is a downgrade from 2003

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  • You have to jump through multiple hoops to save files
  • The cursor slides around everywhere as you're typing
  • CRASHES. How much of a joke is Microsoft that they can't even write stable software for their own operating system?

Yeah. Are you talking for OS or Windows? I am not a fan of any new Word versions since maybe 2003, too, minus 2011 for Mac. And then they screwed that up too.

Windows. I will post more complaints as I see them :D