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I appreciate the effort, but no.

The browser looks nice, feels fast, and the rendering engine seems decent. Microsoft obviously tried to catch up, and had some good intentions behind it. There are even some very nice features that feel new, like the tab stash that I haven't seen as a stock feature in any other browser yet (stash all of your open tabs and close them, then open that stash back later to go through it). It makes sense considering the way I browse the web, and I could very much see myself using it a lot.

The main problem is that I wouldn't trust it to keep my tabs safe. So Edge now has a pinned tabs feature, but it still asks you to confirm closing a multi-tab window, which is confusing. And then, every other day, the pinned tabs are not pinned anymore. As in: they're gone, and Edge opens up back to the Welcome screen for new users. The most reliable way to keep tabs around for the next session seems to be to kill the Edge process using task manager (which was the case for Firefox too at some point, but that was way back in the day). Which, well, doesn't seem very reliable.

If they can't get basic and crucial features like that one right (it deletes the contents of the clipboard on exit, to give another example), there's really no reason for me to spend any more time evaluating it. This still needs a lot of work to be able to be taken seriously.

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  • Preinstalled in Windows 10
  • Lack of addons

Pretty decent actually

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Yeah - no extensions, default Bing search, can't change download folder without hacks, sluggish on some pages, etc (as of this writing).

But, it opens fast and looks great. Its pared-down nature makes it my first choice for quickly opening favourite sites. The interface never gets in my way and I can focus entirely on browsing. Other browsers can end up becoming bloated with tons of extensions and customisations, and so far Edge has avoided that. That's a plus in my book.


Great browser

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Without it we wouldn't be able to download other browsers!