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Not just cloud, DevOps process

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Azure has been awesome. Our application is 100% running on Azure. And we are doing it without VMs. It is 100% PaaS via Azure Websites. We leverage PaaS services in the gallery. And the entire setup has allowed us to do 5+ releases a day upon every developer commit. Website slots are awesome for DevOps flows. Our application is not .Net it is PHP. I do think we would get some benefit having a .Net application. But it has not stopped us from anything. We are even able to use the connection string bucket to switch between prod and testing databases automatically during the release process. Just some simple calls to the Azure SDK.

The reason we decided to use Azure over Amazon is our company prizes UX. And we could do something in Azure in one third the time it would take use in Amazon. And knowing what is going one does not take some weird brain math or purchasing special management and reporting tools.



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It was a huge mistake to use Azure!!

They recommended to use their Azure SQL Federations for YEARS and then they just disabled it!! We have to spend 8 months in order to rewrite our entire service.

And the only reason for shutdown was their BA department, who decided that they should better provide much more expensive PREMIUM SQL instead of cheap Azure Federations, even if both do the same.

Customers have to pay 15 times more for the same service as before!!!



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We have been using MS Azure for almost 4 years, for the fist 3 years all was good, but then we started getting terrible slow downs, and multiple 502 errors. When we started to have problems, we had to bump up the server to speed it up. If the tech guy doesn't bump it up, my application is worthless, even on a quiet time like a sunday afternoon. I am an end user, not a tech person but I will say that MS Azure sucks, avoid it at all costs.

there is no support whatsoever will all the money we pay for their services. We are looking elsewhere now.


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its portal are easy to use and interactive, provide free trial for student account