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Everyone please read their TOS, they do track you with their tracking tools and the 8GB limit is not great for users who upload images to the site. You can not share anything outside Mewe, it is an all member site.


i have problem creating groups , dont know why. it...

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I have problem creating groups, don't know why. its a wanna be facebook sites, they all claim they have no censure, but when they grow bigger, they will be forced to do it like Facebook, but I'm neutral to, just trying it out. Was tired of facebook censure, MeWe have a censure free agenda for the moment, they focus on free speech. is also worth mentioning, norwegian social media solution, and they are for free speech and focusing on worlds geographical community inovative solutions to drastically decresee poberty in 3rd worlds by 2050, in a maner to solve many problems for western countries.

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