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MenuApp is an extremely configurable launcher. The MenuApp configuration can be a great Windows toolbar. Here's an example:

  1. Create a folder: ACCESS. (I have a top level folder called System and my ACCESS is in System.) ACCESS will both be a Windows Toolbar and a top level MenuApp folder. Item 7 shows you how ACCESS will be used. Here's how to setup ACCESS.

!!! These are easily changed so don't spend too much time over thinking how to "get it right". "Right" changes over time as your usage changes.

  1. Within ACCESS have several shortcuts to most used apps, files and folders.
    Also within ACCESS have folders: APPS, FILES, FOLDERS.

  2. APPS has shortcuts to favorite apps. (I also created an apps subfolder tree by activity.)

  3. FILES has shortcuts to favorite files. It also may have subfolders with shortcuts to files by content/use.

  4. FOLDERS has shortcuts to most used folders. Most used folders mostly means folders with most used apps and files. (I call it NAVIGATION instead of FOLDERS.)

  5. In the spirit of 2-5, you might want to put a few more folders in ACCESS. (I over do things and then cut back.)

  6. After you have setup ACCESS, i.e. its initial version:
    A. Setup MenuApp so that the top level folder is ACCESS.
    B. Make ACCESS a Windows Toolbar on the Taskbar, so that very little is visible. Then when you click just beyond the toolbar, you get a flyout or cascading menu, just like in MenuApp.


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Best alternative for 7stacks.
Requires some attention to read the Help: http://www.desktopapps.co.uk/menuAppHelp_xml.php
A lot of settings, you can do everything you need - hotkeys, menus on the taskbar, preload, many things.
To speed up the loading of large menu lists, you can add a "MenuApp.exe" process to the antivirus exceptions. It's perfectly safe.