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The best Android emulator, unstable at 1st but easily fixed

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I tried BluStacks, uninstalled after 1 min of crapware and ads.
I used Droid4X. It was very complete but unstable. Now it is discontinued.

Tried this one to play Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.
At the beginning, it was unstable and was randomly force closing apps and the game.
Installed a root uninstaller and removed all the MEmu applications, including the MEmu Launcher.
Installed Nova Launcher and no issues after that.

I use the 1080p (288dpi) resolution and sometimes I have some audio issues, but rarely. Reduce the resolution if you have audio issues.
Also synchronize time. Some apps that use internet might be broken if the time is not right.

Working great for now.


+1 Wonderful! (Android emulator w/o the headaches)

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I recommend MEmu!
Genymotion gave me multiple headaches attempting to setup Google Play & Google Services.


Best Android emulator with best performance and co...

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This one is one of best android emulator i tested

  • it has with no bloatware, so doesnt need to worry when install them because it is clean !
  • it has Good Compability and Performance, most apps are working on this emulator
  • i even can run pokemon GO properly with this emulator !

yeah, this emulator will become perfect emulator if it is made portable !

i recommend this emulator !!!

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Best android emulator!!!

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This is the best android emulator... better than bluestacks or andy.... in my opinion.
I like it because it is rooted and you can change anything on it easily.

when you install dont forget to enable debugging mode... from there you should be able to enable root if you cant do it from the main menu.


Fast, free and easy to use

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At first, you could think it's just another "nox" branch, as the site it's exactly the same, but this software really runs well, and it weights less than the other ones, it starts in mere seconds and also delivers a lot of functions that are really a must have in these kind of utilities.
I really recommend it, either if it's for gaming, or for general android use.