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Be skeptical. There are alternatives with better reputations and performance.

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For users seeking a stable, reliable, end-to-end encrypted file storage/sync service, Mega is probably a bad choice in the long run.

Firstly, it is a constant controversy magnet: from Kim DotCom (the founder) getting ousted and then making allegations against the service he created, to the discovery of fundamental security vulnerabilities, to Mega's servers getting hacked in November 2016, and on, and on... there are just too many confidence-deflating developments...

Secondly, the service is quite slow or, at best, sporadic. The client can be very slow even to index and upload files. The Firefox plugin seems completely broken (as of the time of this review).

Thirdly, the 50GB "for free" sounds just too good to be true (and things that sound too good to be true usually are). You should always exercise a healthy degree of skepticism when you're being offered something "for free" (e.g. Chrome and Gmail and Facebook and Yahoo! Mail are "free" because you pay for them with you privacy when every detail of what you do online is used to make ads - where will THAT data end up in 20 years?). "Freemium" services offer a little (e.g. 2-5 GB of storage) in the hope you'll like the service and buy more. 50 GB is an order of magnitude greater. For me that stretches believability.

Fourth, MEGA's predecessor, MegaUpload, was shut down - however unfairly - by request of US authorities acting ostensibly to protect Hollywood copyrighted material. It's more than likely MEGA is being used to share files illegally, and that therefore it will be targeted/closed in a similar way. It's heritage doesn't inspire confidence that the service will be around for the next 10 years, just exactly. Also, Mega's original founder, Kim Dotcom has alleged that the service is under the control now of people who have less than stellar reputations.

If you're looking for a stable, reliable, end-to-end/zero-knowledge encrypted file backup/sync service, you're better off paying at least a small amount for a reliable service without the security pitfalls and constant controversy.

Examples include:

  • SpiderOak (US - very well established - Mac/Win/Linux - less good mobile)
  • Tresorit (Switzerland, sync, hugely secure - Mac/Win/Linux/Android/iPhone - excellent but expensive)
  • (Canada, sync like Dropbox but with built in encryption - cheap, no Linux client)
  • iDrive (US, backup and sync - cheap but no Linux client)

However, if you want to have a low price for lots of storage AND have encryption, a good choice is using a non-encrypted service together with Cryptomator, which is an open source encryption app for Linux, Mac and Windows and which lets you set different passwords for different folders (Use a password manager like KeePass to generate and remember them). Cryptomator is specifically designed to give you privacy in the cloud and its free and open source. You can easily pair it up with excellent and low cost services like pCloud (Switzerland) and (Germany), or any other sync service of your choice. Such services are likely to be around much longer than Mega, judging by how things have been going with it so far, but that's just my guess.


Believe it, it's really 50GB storage.

I didn't write that I doubt it's 50GB. My point was that the combination of this - which is an order of magnitude greater than competitors offer - together with the fact that Mega's code was found to contain security vulnerabilities, that the predecessor service was shut down amid much controversy, that their founder no longer supports them after having been ousted... and so on... does nothing to create an atmosphere of trust around Mega to any level where I'd believe it's a good place to put my files, trust their crypto, security practices, that they are trustworthy - be that ethically or that they will be around next month/year. It's just not a background I associate with a company that deserve my trust.

I get your point.
But if your files are so important don't put it on the cloud, there is no web service, mobile app, or operating system that is 100% secure.

No, but there are services which are:

  • open source (e.g. any service you like + Cryptomator) and/or
  • audited and found to be secure (e.g. Tresorit)
  • not covered in controversy
  • don't raise suspicions with a disproportionately high level of "free" storage.

It's not a binary situation of trust the cloud or not. By all means use the cloud, but be smart and sceptical, and look at the reliability, reputation and transparency of a company before you trust them with things you value.

Just to say I mistakenly clicked the "not helpful" button, so +2 to your review!

I can only talk from my experience, and this is the fastest free cloud service I've ever used. Maybe all the disproportionately high level of "free" storage is a countermeasure for all that bad reputation.
Again, I use it and I'm very happy with it.

MEGA is no longer safe!

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Kim Dotcom and MEGA have gone their separate ways, TorrentFreak informed.


slow upload

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I bought PRO, but upload speed terrible
this file uploading already 8 hours.
enter image description here

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Kim Dotcom Warns Mega Users to Backup Their Files

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Kim Dotcom is warning users of Mega, the cloud storage company he founded in 2013, to back up their files. According to the entrepreneur, Mega is now under the control of Bill Liu, a New Zealand-based Chinese national that is currently fifth on China's most-wanted criminal list.



Mega is a super ultimate

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This is a super size cloud storage man and with the extensions this is ultimate and the free storage is upto 50gb which is damm coooooooool
you never ger those features anywhere ....
MEGA is damm super

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Despite numerous security concerns back in 2015, I found MEGA a great tool to take care of my files. Huge storage size (10 times more than other competitors provide), reliable desktop and mobile clients, and built-in encryption are probably the main points for me.
In fact, the most convenient usage variant for MEGA is that I use it as a sync tool for applications that do not provide this feature out-of-the-box.

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now is open source

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Files are difficult to download in mobiles directly from the MEGA Link


New folders und files are not automatically synced!

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New local folders und files are not automatically synced to the online storage and to another Windows 10 computer on the Windows 10 Client.


Honestly the only real cloud storage service I use

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And it works great has a minimal Android App, Has Sync Clients between Mac and Windows. I love how you can choose what folders you would like to sync, so that a "MEGASync" folder is unneeded.

All is well!


Best storage I've used.

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The server is quite fast, it has good security, good applications and you get rather nice storage space size for a free account.


Reliable site

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50 Gb of space free but a little slow for a free membership.

Have a choice of:

No-membership...: Upload files with only a link for sharing, no management

Free membership.: Upload, download & management but slow... 10 Gb bandwidth

Pro membership..: Upload, download & management and faster..

  • Pro 1: 500 GB Storage, 12 TB Bandwidth @ 100 €
  • Pro 2: 2 TB Storage, 48 TB Bandwidth @ 200 €
  • Pro 3: 4 TB Storage, 96 TB Bandwidth @ 300 €

You have 10 GB bandwidth limit (refills every 30 minutes).

Source: (in cons section)

Maybe the best?

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MEGA is releasing desktop app this january. Compared to other services with 50GB of free space, it is to become my favourite. Encryption and option to pay 99€/year for 500GB of space and also accesible on various platforms it's pretty damn cool.


Firefox plugin not working.

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Mega's Firefox plugin, which they say will make using Mega faster and more secure (win-win!) isn't working on Mac, Windows or Linux. It doesn't even appear as installed. (Lose-lose!)