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Meetup used to be a great site. It was easy to use and had great functionality. Years of poor updates have reduced both the features and the usability. It's been almost two years since they released a half-baked "refresh" of the site design, and still half the pages are on the old design, making the site very awkward to use.

Fortunately, now there is a decent competitor- uGetTogether


My experience as an Organizer with uGetTogether after a few weeks:
Very frustrating!
uGT offers a promising alternative to Meetup; however, it is underdeveloped and does not seem to be making progress fixing obvious issues, although the email support is forthcoming and has given 1 or 2 helpful directions.


  1. uGetTogether is clearly California-based; I'm in Arizona and I don't think potential members will be using it to find my new uGT group's activities unless its range is broadened.
  2. Although my new group is now registered with uGT, searching for it by name after 2 weeks: still "0 groups found."
  3. The Interest Category of "Arts/Culture-Theater/Plays" was added, but when the interest Theater is searched for it is still "not supported." Therefore, my group cannot be found either way!
  4. No notification to me as Organizer when people joined my group.
  5. Editing the group's information has been confusing, requiring much trial & error.
  6. A photo to illustrate a planned event was unable to be uploaded despite this ostensible feature being shown, although personal profile photos were able to be, for some people who just joined. All are members of our original Meetup.*

Major uGT plus: Organizer fees were automatically suspended until at least July (2020) due to the covid-19 pandemic, as we aren't actually meeting.

*Originally my group has been a Meetup since early 2013. It took MUCH hassle to be given a suspension of Organizer fees until September (2020), with an increase from $60 to $100 after that time, according to what I saw. Both issues prompted me to wish to leave M'up, in addition to long-term dissatisfaction with negative changes there, and this has been generally supported by members.

But it is hard to say at this point whether we will actually continue with uGT, as it is
disappointing so far. I'd like to be able to recommend it, but the issues really must be fixed! Which does not mean we will remain with Meetup.

We are currently working on a free Meetup.com alternative. Anyone can create and join events, completely free -- without any service fees! You can check us out here: https://aphinityapp.com/