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Nice, simple program used to view detailed codec, bitrate, and other useful information about audio and video files. The Linux version works great in Mint and Lubuntu.


False Alarm

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It is clean and works fine.


Detected Adware/Malware (v0.7.72)

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Same here. detected malware by AVG.

:-( "MediaInfo" app has adWare in the installer ! (v0.7.76)
It installed “Active Discount” and the ridiculous sounding
"open Photoshop" in the Add/Remove programs and Chrome extensions

IF you install the software from the developers homepage.

use this site instead and download the portableApp version

I cleaned my system with AdwCleaner and herdprotect

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Warning. Do not download beyond version 0.7.60

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Years have passed, and the windows variant are still communicating with malicious entities. which is unfortunate :(


scan from virustotal at 2013-09-15 04:33:09 UTC

MediaInfo 0.7.64

SHA256: fbc685cdfe89d63c30279f70905260a7537db4f461d037633da082b67390bea3
SHA1: dada7dbce6fcd7abcdf10f6d10be5d1373f8e624
MD5: c7379ab2a44990f80cc73f0a523b9623
File size: 4.3 MB ( 4499008 bytes )
File name: MediaInfo_GUI_0.7.64_Windows.exe
File type: Win32 EXE
Detection ratio: 2 / 46

Which is recognized to be OpenCandy. thus making you a definite target for ads. And potentially more dangerous types of malware.

link to scan of the latest MediaInfo at virustotal

while i checked Neutral at my opinion I do like this Program a lot. unfortunately I'll be sticking with the version 0.7.60 until i find an alternative.

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