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Yet another case of form over function

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This software looks amazing but didn't work at all for me.

I downloaded/installed the Windows version (portable), launched it, and nearly every feature is broken. Essentials such as setting your media library have no effect — making the application useless. It also did not detect my Kodi installation (default directory) and forced me to manually add/edit media anyhow.

I've also tried: MediaCompanion (broken w. overkill interface), and FileBot (drag-n-drop style interface that actually works)

In conclusion: FileBot is the best software for renaming inconsistently titled TV/Movie files as of 2/15/2016. If anyone remembers TVRenamer from a few years back, it's like that but better.

[Updated links, RebeccaWhit3, February 15]


What are you using today? Filebot is priced too high and can’t afford.