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It doesn't work half the time.

HD content is falls over on my 2016 dual core.
Subtitle come on automatically with weird Unicode characters.
Android app doesn't work. Hangs all the time.

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I just LOVE this piece of software. So much better than any Spotify or Apple, Google crap.


Emby is accurate PLEX alternative

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PLEX only option. Emby is accurate alternative.It gets a lot of data related to the movies and series. Send streaming through the network to any device with many clients (Xbox, android, Chromecast) and even a web server! (something that does PLEX)
Caution: the android application is not free, but can be used with the web site created by the program.


Attempted to download and install TROJAN onto my computer

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ATTENTION ADMINS: Please remove this software, attempted to install a Trojan onto system. Garbage.