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Does not support Windows 8/10

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At the time of this post, when I checked the developer's website, the app does not support Windows 8/10, and the developers stated that they have no intention of updating the software to do so.


Crapwear, pretends to be free until use it for a while the paywall

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This is crapwear. An application that pretends to be free until you get it fully installed, working and use to it. Then it disables its self and gives you a pay wall. Nowhere on its site before this post did it mention a price tag.




You probably have missed the the license information which is very clear about the license as shown in the screenshot:

MaxiVista isn't freeware and isn't advertised as such. MaxiVista comes as a trial version. You can also find this information at http://download.maxivista.com

Agree with Atonet, rubbish. A trial implies that there is something to try, not that you need some imagination
"The Mirroring feature and support of multiple monitors is not included in the demo version. You can get an idea about the Mirroring performance anyway as it is equal to the performance of the extended screen."

emphasis in "an idea about the Mirroring performance anyway"