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It's not a slack alternative, it's far more better. I personally love the native markdown support.


Deploy Mattermost with GitLab

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GitLab officially integrates Mattermost in its deployment packages. Providing a single sign-on for users of both applications.

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Open source slack knock off. Slack already sucks, this sucks even more, though at least it's more open.

There's no good Linux client. Of the only ones that are actually usable one was a bloated electron monstrosity, the other wants access to create a second account on their own server and feed all your instant messages to them. Lol! Needless to say I ended up using the first one.

All this program is, is a glorified chatroom. IRC does the same thing a million times better, without the onerous account system and the pathetic selection of clients. The chat interface itself is a mess, cluttered with things like dates, needless separators, ugly icons and emojis. One of their "features" is that you can put emojis on people's chat messages, like in Github images. Who the hell needs to pin emojis on chats? Just reply with the emoji if you really have to.

Godawful program, but unfortunately your boss will require to use it. Oh well, at least it's not slack...

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Does not support voice (or video for that matter) calls natively; you need a third-party plugin for that. I guess it supports it somehow?

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if you are using the "open source" version don't bother you simply can't administrate at all everyone is allowed to create and delete channels and invite users.

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A quick tip: If you like to test and use Mattermost instantly, install it for free as a ready-to-use virtual machine image via Univention's App Catalog. This image contains the app itself and a UCS runtime environment. Apart from being quickly installed and free, you also get regular updates for the whole stack.