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There's no single reason nowadays to use MATLAB. It's a proprietary programming language with only one provider and one IDE. The best alternative is R, that has thousands of packages for statistics (eg. bayesian, time series...), data mining and wrangling or plotting, and it has various IDEs (let's say RStudio). Its packages cover areas of investigation going from genomics (see bioconductor) to ecology, sociology, BI or AI. Other languages like python or Julia can do anything MATLAB does too.


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There is an alternative to MATLAB, but only for specific tasks. MATLAB is a more global application package that helps to solve almost all tasks related to mathematical modeling and for engineering assignments in general. In addition, MATLAB is an eponymous language, which is a high-level interpreted programming language and makes it possible to write programs of two types - functions and scripts. I also use resource https://assignment.essayshark.com/matlab-help.html to ask experts about specific assignments and just to check them. There is also the Mathcad program - it's a computer algebra system that you can use to visualize your math calculations.


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One of the de-facto standards for academic implementations