MATE Reviews

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My favorite desktop environment, by far. Beautiful, simple and productive. When Gnome 3 came out, I spent a good while wallowing in agony at the horrible choices and extreme lag until I discovered that Gnome 2 had been forked as MATE. :)

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Really nice, has a Windows Feel to it, and a Gnome feel to it, it combines both together. Would be nice to have the bottom bar taskbar to be more compact like Windows 7 and be square icons instead of it taking up that much space. Also a newer version of Gnome would be nice and make customizations easier.

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MATE is a reincarnation of the good old GNOME 2.


Mate vs Cinnamon vs Windows XP Home

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Yesterday I've been testing Cinnamon vs. Mate and the solution was a fully surprising for me!

I've used my old Sony Vaio PCV-RS-702 with a little hardware upgrade of 2 GB RAM.
There is an old Intel Pentium 4 1xCore with 3.2 Ghz.
So it's a old pc to use for Internet and Office.
I use the 32bit Version of Linux Mint ROSA.

So the Test I make is 1st I've tried a clear Reboot and autamatically boot into the specific desktop. (Nothing in the autostart!)

Cinnamon used ~ 350Mb - 380Mb RAM and ~ 5% - 45% of my CPU.
Mate used ~ 315Mb - 375Mb RAM and 1% - 13% of my CPU.

Why I did make the experiment?
Because if I use Windows XP Home SP1 which was been sold to me with the PC 2003.
My Windwows Desktop uses just 200MB RAM and 1% - 3% of my CPU.