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Crashes, bug report function doesn't work, github flavored markdown requires pro version, can't disable preview pane (which constantly errors)

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Save yourself the headache, don't even in stall this.
You will need to upgrade to pro (non free) and install additional things for it to even halfway function.

As soon as the app opened its preview pane crashed. A box asking if I wanted to know more popped up. It opened my browser, taking me to a page that explained this is a now issue for windows 8 and onward and may or may not be solved by installing the awesomium software development kit***** and DirectX. It did not fix anything for me. Even if this makes the preview of the default sample new document (essentially a splash page adverting awesomium) work, the preview will still randomly break while you try and use the app. And there is no way to disable either the preview or the crash message so it will just continually interrupt you as you try and type. Want your document compliant with a specific version of markdown (planning an upload to github gist)? Too bad gotta pay for pro. No idea what the default markdown version even is.

TL;DR You are better off just trying StackEdit.

*That's an SDK not a runtime! you aren't supposed to need that unless you are developing!


For anyone else reading this, it is possible to disable the preview pane and get rid of the error messages. Just press the F5 key, or uncheck the View -> Enable LivePreview menu option. Of course, this disables one of the main reasons for using MarkdownPad (dual pane with live preview). But if you have your heart set on a native, non-Electron / non-Chrome OS Markdown editor, and don't mind using your browser to preview the document (press F6, or Tools -> Preview Markdown In Browser menu), that might make this app work for you. Probably better to look at alternatives first, though.