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Avoid @ all cost

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I'm positive that 99.999% of the world should despise this game for sucking billions of hours of innocent peoples lives.

Just to colour this game in it's deserving infamy.

To get to "end game" you will have to spend several years of your life to get to level 120 (if you're a normal person). There are 200 levels...

To be able to "afford" an expensive character. You might end up wasting several hundred to thousands of dollars to be "competitive."

To avoid this game is very easy. Think of Maplestory as a necrophiliac that will kill and **** your mother while he forces you to bang your head on your keyboard for weeks keeping you from sleeping. Please don't even go there. PLEASE!


I agree that Maplestory focuses more on repetitive tasks than any game I've ever played before. I don't play anymore, but back in 2007-2009, the game was terribly boring (essentially a lesson in self-punishment). However, I want to emphasize that it's gotten better. The amount of grinding required is still total crap, but overall, the elements of the game are much easier than they used to be. I actually started enjoying my time in Maplestory at around 2010.