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Honestly...I liked this software so very much until they updated their license structure around 2 years ago (maybe 2018 sometime). It is now a month to month subscription rather than a one time license fee....I find the monthly sub to be more expensive than the platforms I'm using to actually deliver video. Truth be told...they changed the license about 2 days before I was to buy a premium license.

However, the software was always very good quality. Some of the delivery platforms (such as Zoom or the new FB meeting rooms) are now baking-in some of the features....but it appears manycam still has the advantage regarding multiple video sources.


Subscriptions were introduced in ManyCam 5.8 for Windows and Manycam 4.6 for macOS. So probably need to do a deep search on the web for the free versions prior to that.

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its come up as an alternative for cantwist