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First, I don't know who posted MakeMKV as a Freeware b/c it's not. It is a shareware. If you want to continue using it after a month, you have to buy it at 70$.

Next, I've used MakeMKV and cannot understand how they can expect to get any sales at that price when the software is so highly limited in it's functionality and usefulness. MakeMKV will rip your Bluray to mkv but will give you no control over the MKV's compression/quality parameters.

The trial runs I did with MakeMKV resulted in MKVs that are as large as the original Bluray media content. The beauty of MKV/x264 is that it can compress a 40GB movie to 10GB @ 1080p with minute loss of quality. MakeMKV does not take advantage of that, ripping a 40GB BD into 40GB mkv. How useful is that! At 70$ for a software that doesn't do it's job correctly, not very...

An alternative to to MakeMKV, would be to dump a decrypted version of the BD with the software of your choice (I used DVDFab) and the convert it to MP4/MKV using RipBOT264 which incendentally is free and it provided with a much larger level of control on quality and compression.

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Well, MakeMKV works. And it's incredibly simple, too. It really delivers on its promise to rip in only 2 clicks. Of course, there's probably other stuff that you're going to want to adjust on the side, but overall, the process is incredibly simple. Your iPod isn't going to support .mkv, but it's better than nothing.