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Having worked with NexusFont, Fontbase, and pro software like Suitcase Fusion, FontExplorer X Pro, I can say that MainType is an excellent pro-grade font management.

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After using Suitcase for many many years, in 2004 I got frustrated with it's lack of power and went looking for alternatives. That's when I discovered High-Logic's MainType, and I have been a loyal user of High-Logic's MainType (and Font Creator) ever since. MainType has an incredible amount of functionality and customization available. It gives you options for how you want the interface modules displayed and it handles LARGE numbers of typefaces and font families with ease. I am able to keep all my typefaces impeccably organized and am able to create new sets for current jobs and install and uninstall them in an instant. MainType has many features and is a main staple of my design business. It's partly thanks to High-Logic's MainType that I am able to work so quickly. It really allows me to change and install font sets in the blink of an eye without any interruption to, or hesitation from, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. If you're not already using MainType, you're missing out. It is absolutely essential. I don't know what I would do without it.

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MainType by High-Logic is an essential part of my designer's toolbox. I recommend it to anyone serious about design and illustration. It's powerful and versatile, and it's affordable. Seriously, try it. See for yourself just how beneficial it is to be able to turn on and off fonts with just a click. My typeface library is huge, and it's impeccably organized. MainType keeps that library exactly as I have it, and even auto-updates when I add new fonts.