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Will not let you use without creating a Mailspring account.

Additionally the uninstaller leaves files all over the place and does a horrible job of cleaning up.

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There are a lot of really neat things about this mail client. I was briefly very excited by it. But it's a dead product with deal-breaking bugs.

  • Random messages that exist on the server are never shown in the client
  • Using arrow keys in the message composer can cause batches of text to be deleted
  • Drafts sometimes don't actually save to the server for hours, if ever
  • The view/link tracking is buggy - often shows person A has opened an email when it was actually person B

It's a poorly optimized web-app (Electron) that takes up a lot of disk space and burns through battery on a laptop. Often needs to be closed and re-opened to restore responsiveness. Typing long messages in particular make is churn down to several seconds between visual updates.

It doesn't integrate with any address book of any kind.

The composer is very basic - think boilerplate WYSIWYG. No image resizing. No tables. I could go on.

A lot of these problems have been reported to GitHub over a year ago. This is despite the fact that it's a paid product making a sustainable amount of revenue (unless there are really only a handful of subscribers), showing that the maintainer is negligent or unskilled to the extent that it's unreasonable to think that these problems will be fixed within even the next half decade.

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Downloaded, it installed as a user specific app on Windows. However, there appears to be no way to use the software without creating a mailspring ID account. That's a non-starter for me.

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The app has an simple and neat UI, but I can't believe it does not support proxy. The lack of this essential function really kills the app.

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It's performance is subpar for low-end computers due it's and ElectronJS apps, that make it basically running a chromium. If RAM your main concern, try others first.

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Mailspring has a nice interface, and is easy to use.

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Great app but the Premium part is kind of expensive and there is no student program.
Pro :
Great looking
Con :
No possibility to attach a mail


"No possibility to attach a mail" ???

Yup you can't attach an email to another one. For example you can do that with outlook.

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Open Source fork of Nylas. Runs on Linux. Designed to do specific tasks.


It's not fully open source. It has closed source portions required for compilation. It also requires Mailspring online account to run. The server doesn't seem to be open source either. So it's not safe and not really open source.