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Mailfence is the cheapest and gives most functional features - i.e. features you can see and use (such as a calendar and webdav). They have much better security than most mailproviders but e-mails sent in clear text are stored non encrypted. That is why they can provide pop3 and smtp without a "brige" program. They are based in Belgium that has nice privacy laws. I ve had a couple of issues but their support team was very helpful, it was solved in matter of minutes. It fits my needs and is easy to use. Totally recommend this.


Surprised by the efficient

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I decided to switch to a secure mail service because the fact that it’s very easy to have your private data stolen. I have come to realise how it’s important to keep it in safe. Before I used hotmail but i have been hacked more than twice so at the end it was enough to switch mail provider.
I have been using MailFence for 2 months and am extremely happy and have not had any problems (not yet). I would like to underline how i was impressed by the easy of use of the app. We are not all computer expert and that’s why for my part it’s important to have something easy to use. In addition MailFence is much more than secure email. You also get a calendar and document management tool.
Using MailFence is free but less convenient because you are limited by email, documents and calendars storage and do not have access to their premium storage. But I personnaly find that the 2 models that we can suscribe to are very affordable. Firstly we have the model for 2,50/month that offers a very good service with a ‘’normal’’ storage, and for business there is the model ‘’pro’’ that offers a larger stockage.
Their support is top notch.


A solid platform

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I am a paying customer of Mailfence (€2.50 or €7.50 per month!) and am super impressed with the platform.

You have email, calendaring, contacts and webdav space, you can bring along your own domain (for custom email addresses - super easy to setup), import emails (I did this from Fastmail) and a ton more.

There is also IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Carddav, Caldav, ActiveSync (Exchange) support, so setting up mail, calendar and contact clients is a breeze. Hell I even got ActiveSync on my Nokia 515 (Mail for Exchange app) working first go - all of my emails, contacts and calendar are in sync on this device, other services I have tried failed at this.

On top of all of this their support is top notch. As in they reply to support tickets within the day and you can always give them a call on your good old fashioned phone (9h - 17h CET), super friendly group of people. And don't worry English speakers, being based in Belgium does not mean they have poor English skills, chances are their English is better than yours!

Annnnnd on top of all of this they are a very privacy conscious group that donate 15% of their proceeds to the EFF and the EDRi yearly.

Mailfence as a company is relatively new, but the technology behind it has been around for quite a while (since 1999) in the form of their parent company ContactOffice ( ). It's free to try and you can upgrade to a paid subscription at any point.

I am not a paid shill for Mailfence, just a very happy customer. I have used Gmail, Fastmail, MyKolab, plus lots more and Mailfence is easily heads and shoulders above the rest.