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Wait 30 minutes for mail to arrive

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Because Maildrop uses greylisting, if a mail is sent from a domain not known to Maildrop you have to wait at least 30 minutes for the mail to arrive in the mailbox. This makes it less usable for one-time use with smaller services (that are likely to unknown to Maildrop).


This is still the case in 2018 : says "MAILDROP GREYLISTS EVERY E-MAIL SERVER.
If MailDrop receives a message from an e-mail server it hasn't communicated with yet, that server goes onto something called a "greylist", where the server is told it needs to re-try the message after a given period of time. Due to this, messages from new (to MailDrop) servers may be delayed by at least fifteen minutes, and often times up to an hour."

Quite cumbersome.

open source? not published

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how is this open source? did you mean free?

[Edited by Thelle, July 17] Changed to Neutral since MIT license (Open Source License) has been confirmed


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