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Very good, but not perfect.


  1. Security and privacy are solid, and well handled
  2. Web interface gives secure access to all functions
  3. Multiple calendar support
  4. Supports iCal so things like Remember the Milk integrate well
  5. Both calendar and contacts integrate with Android via Ox Sync, unlike
  6. Supports encrypted POP3 access, as well as IMap
  7. Works with Thunderbird calendar


  1. Support is nonexistent. If it works, great. If not, you post on a forum, and get ignored.
  2. The web interface is often slow, and sometimes it will time out.
  3. Some bugs in the web calendar require a refresh to see everything
  4. Pulling from other POP3 accounts does not work for some accounts

It gets all of the major things right, and is recommended. But it could be improved.

None of the negatives are showstoppers, the way they have been with other services., for example, was great, but I could not get the calendar to integrate with Android properly, no matter what. That works with I realize it's because Ox Sync explicitly supports Mailbox and not Posteo, and that's not Posteo's fault, but the end result is that it works for Mailbox, and that's what matters.

In terms of the security, and privacy, which are the reasons you choose a service like Mailbox in the first place, they meet expectations, and at a low price point.


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Excellent privacy, inexpensive, supports custom domains and catch-all, and also has Calendar and Contacts on the web app and with Caldav/Carddav support for syncing with mobile devices or apps like Thunderbird.