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MAGIX Video Pro X Reviews

Magix Video Pro X late 2016

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Magix Video Pro is fast, and easy to use, have some nice features, and the auto proxy files work fast, but they should have more options than that, the interface is well made and controls well organized BUT it's not a pro editor, for the price tag of about 400€, it lacks pro features, it fails on quality, the effects sometimes are not render well on GPU or CPU, and the export rendering options are very limited, it lacks motion blur on the export, or colour space, it seems to be 8 bits only option and the result even in the bigger bit rates and less compressed codecs is a choppy video for a pro standards, Magix have the better option now called Magix Vegas, a former Sony Product, which is way better and a real professional tool, the question is: will Magix be capable of keeping it as a true professional quality NL Editor??!!