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Fantastically easy offline nav app, far easier than OSMAnd and well on par with Google Maps

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The free version of Magic Earth with OSM maps is so far the best satnav app I have the pleasure of trying.

  • ** Superior maps in my corner of the world. **
    Far better than Google in rural or less densely populated areas and it even has decent coverage in the forest.
  • ** Excellent offline routing **
    Go fastest or go shortest route. Go to nearest gas-station without hassle. Go by car, bike or walk. Even go by public transport. (Not that well covered by OSM)
  • ** Fantastic ease of use**
    This is the first navigation app that I can truly recommend to anyone, not just fellow tech geeks.
    It's got turn-by-turn instructions in a long range of languages and works without any worry about mobile internet coverage.
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Its a great free turn-by-turn navigation app based on OpenStreetMap.