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Absolutely Wonderful Macro Program ! !

I have been using this Excellent Program {The "PRO" Version} for MANY Years & Still, To This Day, it Continues to Impress me. I should note here that I am experienced with other Macro Apps & Programming Languages . . . So why do I Especially Enjoy "Macro Express PRO"? Simple! -- It has an amazing Auto-Record Function which, Upon Pressing the auto-record Hotkey (user-selectable), it accurately observes your every keystroke and mouse-click [See Note]; Then, when you're done, it pops up a dialog to let you assign any of Hundreds of available Hotkeys {OR a whole HOST of Other Triggers} and Boom! Your new Macro is Ready to Automate Virtually ANY task on your computer .. OR to open your new Script for fine-tuning. {* Pro-TIP:: in Options, you can elect to have it "ignore" MouseMoves--recording only Clicks:: DO Select that Ignore:: ELSE- your Script gets cluttered.}

     I ought to mention here that WHILE Macro Express IS offered in a, umm, "Pared Down" version, I HIGHLY recommend you opt for the FULL "PRO" Edition, for SEVERAL Reasons:: First: The Pro Version is not much pricier-- But more importantly, the Pro Features are FAR more powerful. Here are a few "PRO" Features Not Available in Non-pro:: •Importantly, With "Pro", Many Macros can be running simultaneously {Non-pro lets you run macros singly}; •Pro Adds the Trigger to launch a macro based on the content of your Clipboard (very helpful); •Thirdly, "Pro" is simply FAR More Powerful--Offering Hundreds of additional Commands Not in Non-pro;  •Fourth, "Pro" works with Arrays & can manipulate Date Variables,  — •Along with several other differences -- (All Detailed on their macros-dot-com website) --- But suffice to say : : :

YES!! You do Want Macro Express Pro (which you will absolutely notice after only a modest learning curve).

Very HIGHLY Recommended ! !!    – Chuck