Pulover’s Macro Creator Reviews

bad image recognition, nat check tools

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Got pretty stressed with it, once it it could find image with no problem and on few lines below it could not even if i tore myself apart. Wasted some hours.


This is likely a fault of AutoHotkey, not Pulover's Macro Creator. Image search and recognition can be difficult. I only make this comment so others know the rest of the functionality of AHK and Pulover's Macro Creator have been stable in my experience.

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Very well done! It might be confusing for those that have never used AutoHotkey, but for those who have this tool is great for recording macros and editing them. Lots of functionality such as a search for function feature, side-by-side viewing of the AHK script, and a recorder that captures mouse clicks and window activation.

This tool made creating AHK scripts much quicker for me.