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Macpilot is what I call "cripple ware" because the developer cripples it from working in newer versions of macOS. I had Macpilot 8, but it stopped working in Sierra. I'm sure most functions would have continued to work just fine. I contacted the developer, Josh Hoggan, about this, but it took him 2 months to respond. He was offering a good discount on version 9, so I went ahead and bought it, even though I wasn't happy about it, because Macpilot does its job well. It saves me from having to look up the proper defaults write commands to tweak my system. I recommend that the developer put a disclaimer on the splash screen that older versions of Macpilot may not work 100% in never versions of macOS--use at your own risk. After all, if users paid for a stand-alone license, not a subscription, they should be able to use it as long as they want.

Josh said he crippled MacPilot for liability and insurance reasons, even though his EULA contains a Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability statement. He also said it took him so long to respond because he's a one-man show. Then he had the gall to delete my whole support ticket because he thought it was a duplicate of another one (it was not). This is the last version or product that I will ever again buy from Koingo.