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It's KeePass but for MacOS. Works well, native, and Free & Open Source.
Just like KeePass, the file is stored locally, and you choose what to do with it.


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It looks and feels pretty much the same as KeePass on Windows, works a treat!


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Best password Manager / KeePass alternative on macOS


Good, but KeepassXC is better.

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MacPass is an attempt to make a password manager that has all the functionality of and compatibility with Keepass, but which runs on Mac. (Keepass doesn't run on Mac.) It is free, open source, and it succeeds in all respects but one: browser integration.

KeepassXC is compatible with MacPass/Keepass, but it can work with plugins like PassIFox (for Firefox) and ChromeIPass (for Chrome-compatible browsers).*

Therefore KeepassXC is the winner. Unless you don't need browser integration, in which case it's a much more level playing field. Although KeepassXC still runs natively on Windows, Mac and Linux; MacPass only on Mac.

  • If you're using Chrome/Chromium, you should be aware that these have pretty severe privacy-violating features. (Yes, even Chromium). Ideally, try to move to Firefox for the reasons outlined here. If you have to use a Chrome-compatible browser, consider Iridium or Ungoogled Chromium.

MacPassHTTP is a port of KeePassHTTP for MacPass