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too much expensive to me

It has the problem of the online only and it cost a big amount of money in a SAAS manner so if I don't want to pay anymore I lost everything
If I buy a product at least it's old and no more compatible with others software but I can use it forever, if it's only online its just a subscription


I use indesign professionally but sometimes I just...

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Post Update 1/28/18

After using Lucidpress for about a month, there are some really big features that I dislike, so much that I probably won't use it anymore

  • There's no way to image asset export anything. This sucks majorly since once you get used to this environment, your stuck with it. I really liked lucid press here because I could simply just cut-paste images on my screen via Small Greenshot iconGreenshot, and it would automatically upload to its amazons3 server, make a really fast mockup & do simple 1-3 page brochure printing for work. This process is very smooth for me since I don't need the highest res images possible, rather I just need a document that looks good upon final print production.
  • Getting support is like impossible. I spent a good 10 minutes trying to find the livechat / support ticket button, only to not find it at all. You can ask the community forums, which is Small Zendesk iconZendesk... which after 5 minutes I could not find either (please use discourse, PHPbb, etc).

I feel like both above features were designed specifically this way to be user unfriendly, so they have less customer support staff on hand. So your encouraged to read their docs, only to find that specific article you want doesn't exist. A google search yields a thread with 1 or 2 comments, which is unhelpful. The only tickets you can write are those related to billing, but generic questions are not allowed.

Post 12/27/18

I use indesign professionally but sometimes I just want something nice & quick. Indesign is slow.

The time it takes for me to load up indesign I could've made a PDF in lucidpress. Not only that, indesign is a massive memory hog

Many times there's a great resource on the web that offers very poor print capabilities. Like I'll print it but stuff gets cut off between pages 1 and 2, and I don't like spending time flipping between pages excessively. Or maybe I'll print it and the formatting comes out terrible (no color, font choices are ugly, etc).

I use lucidpress to make my own cheatsheets.

I have following workflow:

  1. Find some website I want to make into a 1-2pager cheatsheet
  2. Copy images of text and paste
  3. Do some quick layout fixes
  4. Download PDF
  5. Mark it up on Small PDF-XChange Viewer iconPDF-XChange Viewer editor synced via dropbox locally
  6. Run it through with OCR so its CTRL+F text searchable. doesn't work that well

CONS of software:

Its got rather bad table support, so its better to format that information elsewhwere (airtable, google spreadsheets, excel, etc) as of !(11/28/2017 14:20)

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Not bad

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Really nice article....
but I using poster printer from Ronia soft...
Who need url : just print in Google Ronia soft Poster Printer


sry i forgot it's wrote RonyaSoft

Absolutely a Publisher alternative

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Lucidpress has been an incredible value add to my organization. The ability to collaboratively lay out documents is completely invaluable to me.

Highly recommended.


LucidPress is subscription based garbage.

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the "free" version allows only 3 pages and 25mb max, does not support printing or exporting, and has another half dozen limitations I can't think of off hand.

Otherwise, it is a monthly subscription, does not import publisher documents properly, and has numerous other bugs that makes it silly and worthless.