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it is great it has

  • Integration to google, microsoft, and other services
  • User Friendly

but there is weakness such as

  • Limit 60 Component/Document and up to 3 document for free users
  • Import/export visio are limited

Simply the best wire-framing and diagraming tool in the market.

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First of all, let me start by saying I've used practically every diagraming, chart-making, and wire-framing tool on the market--from desktop applications like Omnigraffle and Microsoft Visio to web-based alternatives like Gliffy and Of any of the tools I've used, Lucidchart is the most versatile, the most robust, and certainly the most user-friendly.

Because Lucidchart is web-based, it works equally well on Mac's, Windows machines, and Linux boxes. Gone are the days of having 3 separate tools for 3 different operating systems. Unlike Lucidchart's competitors, Lucidchart is capable of importing AND exporting Microsoft Visio files. It is also able to import Gliffy and Omnigraffle files, as well as Visio stencil files.

Lucidchart's robust shape library makes it a good fit for just about any project. If you can't find a built-in shape library for whatever you're doing, Lucidchart can import both SVG files and Visio Stencil files. In addition, it supports fully-interactive documents with embeddable videos, clickable areas, and the ability to embed your document on your own site, in Atlassian's Confluence/JIRA applications, and in your Google Drive documents.

TL;DR: Lucidchart is fantastic, and I highly recommend it.

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After using Small for an extended period of time, my personal preference is lucidchart.

Lucidchart and its sister company Lucidpress has a higher priority focus on being easily able to print out the diagrams you make, making it significantly easier to share with people that aren't tech inclined. lets you print but lucidchart is more restrictive from the start.

I would say Lucidchart is analogous to AdobeIndesign as is to Onenote when it comes to print-based settings. All of them can print, some are restrictive upfront with your workable space / canvas (Lucid chart, indesign) whereas some give you too much room to play around with (Onenote, and can be messy to maintain as a result.

Its free with limited functionality but i think its worth the price.

I find the UI significantly easier to navigate and faster with Lucidchart over

Reviewed as of 12/12/17


The interface is not very user friendly

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Oh man its so hard to use and the grid is frekin ugly. Please fix that immediately


Love Lucidchart

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Was looking for something quick, easy and cheap to do flowcharts. I trialled a couple of programs both offline and online and Lucidchart was the best one I found (must admit I stopped looking after using Lucidchart). I found it very easy to use without needing any instructions, the couple of issues I couldn't figure out for myself was able to figure out quickly with their online community help. I'd highly recommend Lucidchart.


Lucidchart is a flexible, powerful, easy-to-use tool

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I wish I found out about Lucidchart far earlier than I did. It makes collaborating with others to create beautiful diagrams incredibly easy. I'm really impressed with what Lucidchart has been able to achieve in a web-based application, especially with such an affordable pricing model!


Used for org charts, flowcharting and wireframing / mockups

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I work on the business team at my company and have used Lucidchart for a variety of use cases. I was asked to put together an organizational chart by my HR manager and found it very easy to upload a .csv file which populated an org chart with the click of my mouse.

I've created basic flowcharts to show processes from sales development to recruiting / hiring and have also used the mockup functionality to show our UX/UI team my ideas for a web page we were building (I have NO design experience so Lucidchart's ease of use / intuitiveness was fantastic).

I'd definitely encourage use of this tool. It's extremely easy to use and for most use cases, is completely free (you do have to pay if you want to access some of the premium shape libraries or if your diagrams get too big).


Too bad it's web-based

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I don't like the idea of the software being web-based. By assuming every person making a flowchart is working with a global network of colleagues in a world where Internet is accessible everywhere, the simple use of a flowchart software is omitted.


You can give Creately a try. They do offer a desktop software which cost 75$, which is lot cheaper than MS Visio. However If you are only trying to draw a simple flowchart then something like MS Word or Paint is also fine.

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I don't like the subscription model. I want to buy software, use it offline where and when I choose to do so. .vss import is a nice plus. I'm sticking with Droiddia for now, because of the freedom it offers.