Open Source Loopback Alternatives

    The best open source alternative to Loopback is JACK Audio Connection Kit, which is both free and Open Source. If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 10 alternatives to Loopback and four of them is open source so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement. Other interesting open source alternatives to Loopback are Soundflower (Free, Open Source), BlackHole (Free, Open Source) and Synchronous Audio Router (Free, Open Source).

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    1. JACK is a professional sound server daemon that provides real-time low latency connections for both audio and MIDI data between applications that implement its API. The API can be used through either JACK1 or JACK2.
      JACK Audio Connection Kit vs Loopback opinions
      Some users think JACK Audio Connection Kit is a great alternative to Loopback, some don't.
      ubster super lite and opensource, also paying attention to latnecy
      Positive comment about 3 years ago

    2. Soundflower is a Mac OS X system extension that allows applications to pass audio to other applications. Soundflower is easy to use, it simply presents itself as an audio device, allowing any audio application to send and receive audio with no other support needed.


      Stopped updating 2014/2015 and newer macs won't allow it to install

      Soundflower vs Loopback opinions
      Some users think Soundflower is a great alternative to Loopback, some don't.
      At least it's free, and works extremely well for streaming. Sadly I can't hear my output without a multi-output device.
      Positive comment about 1 year ago

      IanDorfman Soundflower offers extremely similar functionality to Loopback, including audio passthrough, audio stream connecting, and recording. It is also free and open source.
      Positive comment over 1 year ago


    3. BlackHole is a modern macOS virtual audio driver that allows applications to pass audio to other applications with zero additional latency. - ExistentialAudio/BlackHole
      BlackHole vs Loopback opinions
      pros, cons and recent comments
      It doents have an interface
      Negative comment over 1 year ago

    4. Synchronous Audio Router is a software-based audio routing driver for Windows. You can create any number of Windows audio endpoints, either playback or recording, and route them using any digital audio workstation software which supports ASIO, all with low latency.
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