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Using Loom Systems for a few months and I love it

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I work in IT and investigations of incidents used to take my team a few hours because we were manually going through log after log.

We were looking for some sort of automation solution and found Loom. Loom does a lot of our work automatically like log analysis and data correlation.

It also reports issues as soon as they come up from what I can tell so we can fix them asap.
I used to get at least 1-2 phone calls every day from users having problems and now it's down to maybe 1-2 phone calls a week.

Our investigation times are way down and now that we've been using the system a few months and recording our own resolutions into it.
It's gotten to the point where about half the problems can be fixed immeditely because we are told what's their solution.

Very easy to use and comfortable, and the support is great. I love it.