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Lookeen --- powerful but buggy

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Lookeen wants to clear my index and rebuild it even after I selected not to do this.

I have discussed this with Tech Support and they are VERY slow in responding. They keep promising a solution but have waited for weeks.

Would recommend looking for something else if you are running Windows10.

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I compared Lookeen with X1 for Outlook searches. Lookeen really does trump X1 starting with the seamless outlook integration. It does have a fairly high learning curve however. I'd say 3 or 4 hours before you get the hang of it. Still the "Conversation" & "Topic" buttons don't do anything except throw completely random results at you or don't even work at all. The options button in the ribbon is not coded properly either as it opens but you would never know it because you can't see it. You have to click on your outlook icon to see it, so you might find it half hour later when you do that.

I also could not get Lookeen to display any of the pdfs in any module. I don't know if this has something to do with default viewers or what but it is really a disappointment. Still I liked it better than X1 which already seems outdated and equally as buggy for these not cheap programs which are supposed to work out of the box!

So that is 3 features out of a host of them that don't work. I can see I'll have to spend hours on support requests and wonder if they can patch it back together.

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today in the year 2018, the current version is not recent : (16/11/2015)