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LoiLo Game Recorder Reviews

works great but not the best

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I been using it for over a month, it does get every video game even the ones with high security protection. However the program recording file sizes is one of its downfall. HD videos are over 1GB, if you only want 480p you'll have 500MB in 10 minutes, what about 360p? you need to plan it out because each minute is about 20MB so you could get over 1GB if you don't watch out.

On how fast it can record a game, well anything but huge amounts of special effects will do fine. Bullet hell games do lag with loilo, too much on screen will cause lag for both the game and video. There is no interference when it comes to playing the game, the taskbar is even removed if the recorder detects. Simple buttons just click than play, you can even change it to another key. No custom screen fit, you will need to edit the videos, this is due to the fact that none of the developers thought about browser games. Voice recording is capture but its not separate, great for wing-it, not great for people who script videos.

What I would do is use this for fun games not something serious, have the video go to a flash drive with over 4GB or more, and use Handbrake program to cut down the video file size. These steps help make a HD video, not the greatest but also not too bad. So yes I do recommend it for people who know how to use videos.