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This is a very powerful tool for joystick/gamepad control assignment for Logitech controllers. It works as a game controller action to keyboard/mouse action converter like Xpadder or JoyToKey, but is very useful beyond that.

You record actions that you want to assign to your game controller like macros, and assign them sensible names according to what they're supposed to do in-game. You can then assign these macros to the various axes and buttons on your controller. This is all displayed in a nice graphical overview that consequently labels the controller buttons with the actual action they perform (rather than just, for example, the key they map to).

You save these assignments in profiles, and have the option of assigning certain profiles to certain games. You can set it up so that these are activated entirely automatically. Let Logitech Profiler run in the background (or preferrably, configure it to start with every Windows session), and as soon as you start the executable of a game that you have a profile assigned to, the Profiler will kick in and enable your assignments. Of course you can also circumvent this by choosing a profile manually. But it is most powerful at configuring your games once and never worrying about it again. The software also comes with some recommended preconfigured setups for a number of well-known games. You can have Profile search your system for games it recognises, upon which it will show you the recommended settings it's got on file.

Another feature I particularly liked was that you could print out a copy of a certain profile. This will give you a page with a picture of your controller, and labels that show which action each axis or button performs. Very handy to have next to you during the initial hours of playing a new game.

The software gives you pretty much all the options you could ask for. You can assign commands to buttons, directional pad directions, or zones of axes. All the assignments for axes and directional pads are given their own name, for a cleaned-up overview. You can set dead zones and general device parameters, globally or per profile. And you can export and import profile files to back them up or share them.