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Unlocking sticky files/folders can be risky ... it should be done with caution.
sometimes reboot can resolve the issue (safely remove any USB devices that might be implicated)
Sticky USBs should be disconnected while the PC is shutdown

Context Menu item makes unlocking easy ... point and click.
One of the v.safe unlockers.

Installed an ancient Win-XP app on Win-7 PRO x64 pc. EXE would run, but not show GUI.
Was not listed in TaskManager. Could not delete nor unlock the old EXE.
LockHunter showed a message that old EXE would be deleted on next boot. And it did
. . :) :)

The context menu caption is ridiculously long (verbose).
I contacted the developer (email) several years ago, his reply: "he would think about it".
A new version and he didn't think about it. :(
Caption is not in Registry and I cannot dig deep enough with "Resource Hacker"

  • if all captions are verbose trying to quickly locate the "hot spot" is tedious and frustrating.
    - eg. "Would you like to save this file" vs "Save"

_FileSearchEX has a default caption "Search via FileSearchEX" ... another overly verbose caption.

  • with a registry tweak changed FSex (context menu caption) to ... "Find ..."_

lock hunter

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excellent work done.succeded to find and remove the hidden and invisible leftover of an uninstalled app which still persistently embeds itself on the computer files.highly recommended to all...


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Why you guys arent using the Longpath tool? It is an awesome tool to delete anything


Except for the nifty little $50 tag? Can you give us a discount? ;)

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That is an easy to use application that works in many cases.
But not all: I had case where the LockHunter tells that the file was not locked and it was. I had to use another software to find the culprit.


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works great easy to use, software is also digitally signed as well