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Why I prefer "Index Your Files" to Locate32

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  • IYF is portable, needs no admin rights on the local computer,
    Locate32 must be installed and cannot be used on computers in the job without admin rights
  • IYF creates indexes for only the directories you select
  • IYF has a selectable option to search inside files
  • The future development of Locate32 will be stopped unless someone else will take care of the project,
    see http://locate32.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=689

Equal advantages as Locate32:

  • IYF is available in the many languages: English, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, German, Portuguese,
    Russian, French, S/T Chinese, Bulgarian, Brazilian, Turkish, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Lithuanian and
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This one just works, and that is all there is to it. There's a bit of troubles to include/exclude external drives, but otherwise this application rocks.

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This software save me alot of time everyday even if it has been years since its last version. It works well on windows 10 to index network shares and local drives.


Better than most

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This is one of the best file searching tools I've used. Other tools don't do indexing or make it difficult to search specific file types or don't let you search the file contents. This does all of those things very well.

My one complaint, which is true of almost all file searching software I've tried, is that it poorly handles UNC paths (i.e. network shares). Some of the shares I need to search don't appear in "My Network" so it's a hassle to map drives or create junction points just to get it working.