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Comment by TBone
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This is a great program for sequencing of preset or sampled data, and fully VSTi-compliant.


Comment by EmasXP
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Like the last comment said, it is rather confusing sometimes, but you can get used to that and instead find it useful. This is very similar FL Studio but for Linux, but the VSTi support is not very great. You can not expect windows applications (like vsti) to work very well under linux and wine. On the other hand, you can make great music with this program using just soundfonts and ladspa plugins.


Comment by Guest
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Comment by Aaron
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This is a good program, but I find Ardour and other programs to be better. If you have enough samples this can be a great program, it has some nice features, but it just is not the greatest of interfaces, and can get confusing at times, but once you get used to it, its easy. I do like how I can make patterns with this, I like its pattern thing, better than most programs though.


Windows installers of this software silently install unidentified software called "babylon" with out option to disable the install in any manner.
Message boards indicate this is a toolbar malware.

Why don't you just get the mac beta test version of lmms?

Comment by izausername
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