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is LiveZilla worth $1,600? HAHA, NO!

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The people behind LiveZilla think their crappy program is $500 better than 10 Adobe programs combined!


you need to have a payed version 4 or 5 to get a reply from them in support section

ppl not wast your time and money with this bad company.

get a better solution here


...they work on web chat support from 2003 and are very experienced

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@carlitosway I agree with your statement that LiveZilla is not worth anyone's time or money I think there is an even better solution than the previous links you provided.

Mibew, , is completely Free and Open Source. You don't have to pay anything at all and you can host it on your own server.

Note - They do not require any payments but if you like the software and plan to use it please donate to the project.

Disclaimer: I am a contributor to Mibew but I do not make any money from any of the donations. I actually donate my time and work to improve the already great project.


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Doesn't look free or open source to me.


Corrected, thank you for the information.

it used to be freeware but not open source and then they decided to go from free to insanely overpriced.